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This Waterproof iPhone skin case cover from iOttie is not just simple water resistant, it is essentially 100% waterproof! You can use your iPhone while completely submerged in water or most other liquids.

Product Details:

  • iOttie Waterproof Skin for iPhone 4S, 4is 100% Water proof, Dirtproof, and Dustproof and retains full touchscreen and call functionality while encased in waterproof skin.
  • Exquisite picture quality ensured by 98% skin transparency at the camera positions.
  • Item includes 2 waterproof skins, 4 sealing tapes, and 4 pink leakage indicator for multipurpose activities: Underwater activity, Fishing, Bathing, Ski, Snowboarding, Outdoor activity
  • iOttie waterproof skin is not intended for permanent water-resistance.
  • Note: for full protection, it is recommended that the iOttie waterproof skin should not be used more than 2 times under harsh conditions per skin

For iPhone 4 or 4s:

For iPhone 5: