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A portable USB battery extender that can jump start a car? You’ve got to be kidding me!

Absolutely gobsmacked when I came across this on Amazon and didn’t really believe that it would work. But after reading all the good reviews about it I decided to give this to my dad as a Father’s Day gift.

When he first got it he didn’t believe this little device could jump-start a car but we didn’t really try to test it intentionally either. Anyway, since he got it. he has pretty much used it to charge his phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and headsets.

He keeps it in his car along with the vehicle cables. Apparently it’s still on the first charge and it’s still charging everything. Finally had a chance to test out the jump-start function last week when a mate’s car battery went flat. We’re both very impressed when it WORKED!

The flash light on this thing is super bright and has a very low profile. This thing is definitely one of the best Father’s Day gift I have ever bought!


PowerAll PBJS12000R Rosso Red/Black Portable Power Bank and Car Jump Starter Product Details:

  • Portable battery charger with charging adapters for all major electronic devices
  • Compact car jump starter that can jump start your car 20 times on a full charge
  • Ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours
  • Built-in protection features: over current protection; short circuit protection; overload protection; over-voltage protection; over-charge protection
  • Portable compact design that will easily fit in your pocket, backpack, or glove box for convenience