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Great to wear it around friends as a normal Hoodie during the day, then turn it on during the night for a nice surprise!

At the time I ordered the hoodie, there weren’t any reviews. But took a chance and bought it for Burning Man and I must say the product truly exceeded my expectations.

Thought the hoodie was going to be made out of a thin cheap material, but it turned out to be a thick fabric that is comfy to touch and should last a long time.

The EL wire is attached professionally which looks well made even when it is worn while powered off during the day.

I like the fact it takes only 2 AA batteries so I just use rechargeable batteries and don’t have to worry about replacing them.

Seen similar hoodies like this priced over $80, so $50+ is a great deal in my opinion.

Light up Hoodies by Electric Styles Product Details:

  • Machine Washable
  • Takes 2 AA Batteries (Lasts 12-24 hours per set of batteries)
  • Light up Hoodie Controller comes with 3 Modes – On/Off, Fast Blinking, and Slow Blinking.
  • Light Controller rests comfortably in the left pocket.
  • Wear it as a normal Hoodie during the day, and a Light Up Hoodie during the night!